Guy Arrives First at ‘It’ Screening and is Greeted by a Terrifying Clown

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Have you seen It yet? If not, you might want to reconsider after you see what happened to a fella named Chris who went to see the movie last week in England. Chris wandered into the theater to catch the remake of Stephen King’s classic book and saw…this…

Photo Credit: Twitter,hg_hohbes

I’m not a mathematician, but I estimate a 99.9% probability that every other person in the world would hightail it right on out of the theatre at the first sight of this horrifying clown. But not Chris. Chris proved heroic. Chris sat down to stay.

Then the Pennywise lookalike got out of his seat.

Photo Credit: Twitter,hg_hohbes

Folks on Twitter shared their feelings about the matter.

Photo Credit: Twitter,jojo_sailer

Photo Credit: Twitter,@starksofprey

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Chris assured all of his Twitter friends that he survived the encounter.

Photo Credit: Twitter,HG_Hohbes

The clown was finally identified when Chris’ post went viral. A gal named Hannah fessed up on Twitter that she and a friend named Jordan were behind the gag.

Photo Credit: Twitter,_scorpiho

Well played, Jordan and Hannah. Well played.

h/t: Bored Panda