7 Questions To Ask Before Picking Your Baby’s Middle Name

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You might think that picking your baby’s middle name will be easy after the battle of deciding on the first, but you would be wrong. There’s a lot to consider, and gone are the days when you can just go with Anne or Lee or Marie and call it a day.

For some reason.

So, if you’re expecting a bundle and are getting ready to attack the question of what to name him or her, read through these 7 questions from the experts just to make sure you’ve taken everything into consideration.

#7. Should we choose more than one?

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If you’ve got more than one person to honor or the two of you can’t agree, then maybe two middle names is the answer.

#6. Do I want to honor someone close to me?

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Middle names are a good way to carry on a family name or tradition without having to name your kid something from an older generation (like Eula or Leone – thanks, Grandmas).

#5. How do the two names fit together?

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Say them aloud together, and then shout them in anger – because that’s how you’re probably going to use them the most.

#4. Do I want to pay homage to something special?

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A favorite place, perhaps, or a favorite flower? You can get personal and still leave your kid’s first name as something easier to bear on a daily basis.

#3. What are baby’s initials going to be?

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Try to avoid three letters that spell a word. Any word, really, but definitely not something weird or easily made fun of.

#2. It’s popularity.

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If you’re concerned about giving your child a unique name, that might extend to the middle name, too. If so, check the internet for popularity rankings after you’ve narrowed your list.

#1. How out-of-the-box do you want to be?

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If you’ve gone totally unconventional with the first name, you might want to tone it down, but if you’ve gone traditional for the first, then you might want to try something crazier for the middle.

The bottom line is that it’s up to you, but make sure you give it some serious thought.