7 Times Modern Technology Malfunctioned at the Worst Possible Moment

Photo Credit: DYK

Nowadays we take things working the way they’re supposed to for granted – so much so that few of us have any idea how to fix things when they break and basically all of us find ourselves surprised when technology goes horribly awry.

Which is what happened to these 7 people (or persons) when their little piece of convenience suddenly became decidedly the opposite.

#7. Banksy meant to shred his entire painting, not just half.

One of the greatest pranks in recent memory was meant to be even more thorough, apparently. The painting still sold for $1.86 million, but Banksy posted a video demonstrating how he’d meant to shred the entire piece of artwork.

Better luck next time, I suppose!

#6. The exploding IKEA mug.

Photo Credit: news.com.au

A woman was awarded $8000 in damages after a clear glass coffee mug from IKEA exploded in her face, breaking one of her front teeth and cutting her lip. A trip to the hospital resulted in 4 stitches and she’s since struggling with depression and fear of loud noises, all of which landed IKEA in court.

Though the judge didn’t award her the $20,000 she was seeking, he did order them to cover her bills and refund her the cost of the mug. Random!

#5. A cruise ship tipped on its side.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

No, it wasn’t a rogue wave like in The Poseidon Adventure (I’ve been terrified to get on a cruise ship since I saw that movie, fun fact), but a Carnival cruise ship recently tipped so far onto its side that glassware slid off tables and water poured out of the pool.

The line reported that the malfunction was normal (ummm?) and the ship continued on its route. I, for one, would have skipped right off at the next port.

#4. That time helium wreaked havoc with people’s iOS devices.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

When an MRI machine was being installed and tested in a workplace, people with Apple devices noticed their phones, iPads, and watches malfunctioning while those with Androids experienced no interruptions at all.

It turns out that Apple has a warning in its user guide that says gasses like helium can “damage or impair the phone’s functionality.” Helium and similar gases can negatively impact the microelectromechanical system oscillators on Apple iPhones.

#3. Elevator buttons can’t withstand urine, apparently.

Not that most of us would think to try this, but after this boy peed on the button panel, he became visibly distressed and had to be rescued when it short-circuited. Ha!

#2. A Russian Rocket malfunction.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It happens so often that it might seem like trip to the International Space Station are routine, but a Russian launch in October of 2018 reminded us all that they’re anything but. On that day a serious launch failure sent a NASA astronaut and Russian cosmonaut back to earth without completing their trip.

The two were unharmed, and apparently the issue was caused by a faulty sensor.

#1. Voting machines went haywire during the 2018 midterms.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As you may have seen in the news, out of date voting machines in some states led to long lines and some people not being able to cast ballots. As voting is an American right, the public outrage will hopefully lead to replacement machines before the next election.

Be careful out there, folks. You never know when terror is waiting behind your next…cup of coffee.