Egyptology, Canadian Studies, And 7 Other Weird Life Choices That Could Turn Into Careers

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In life, we have to make choices. Some of us choose wisely. Others choose impulsively. And some of us struggle to make a choice at all.

With varied interests, finding a career can be difficult. But if you have a passion, sometimes your unique skill or interest can become profitable.

Here are 7 weird life choices that could turn into long-term careers.

1. Comedy – Humber College

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Are you the person who constantly has all your friends laughing? If so, a career in comedy could be your calling.

At Toronto’s Humber College, you can turn your amate*r stand up skills into a Netflix-worthy routine. You’ll gain valuable experience in stand-up, improv, sketch comedy and even screenwriting. Just bring a box of tissues for your audience.

2. Decision Sciences – Indiana University

At first glance, this major from Indiana University seemed to fit my alley. After all, trying to decide what flavor ice cream to get at Publix can turn into an hour-long debate.

But this doctorate program actually takes things to the next level and focuses on how to apply research and data in making critical business decisions.

3. Popular Culture – Bowling Green State University

Do you find yourself constantly checking Twitter for the latest celebrity gossip? Do you start your Monday mornings by reading reviews of the latest episode of Love is Blind?

Bowling Green State University has just the weird major for you: popular culture. By keeping up with TV, movies, music and everything in between, you could find a career in journalism or public relations quite rewarding and invigorating.

4. Poultry Science – Texas A&M

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There’s a lot that goes into raising chickens. At least, that’s what you’ll learn at Texas A&M. A career in poultry science includes courses in zoology, chemistry and biology.

By the time you’re ready to enter the workforce, you’ll know everything about the poultry world down to the last feather.

5. Family Enterprise – Stetson University

Joining the family business isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, a family-run business can be extremely stressful on interpersonal relationships.

That’s why Stetson University’s Family Enterprise Center is a great way to learn how to mix family with business. Along the way, you’ll learn important aspects such as leadership development and asset protection. Family reunion, anyone?

6. Canadian Studies – Johns Hopkins University

Our neighbors to the north offer a lot of interesting ideas and ways of living that could be useful here in the United States.

At Johns Hopkins University, you can pursue a career in Canadian Studies and learn about their political system, history and culture that makes them an attractive destination to raise a family.

7. Egyptology – Brown University

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From the pyramids to the hieroglyphics, Egypt has an amazing amount of history. Brown University’s Department of Egyptology and Assyriology gives students a unique opportunity to take a step back in time and learn more about ancient civilization.

Just be careful when you read through the ancient texts; you don’t want to unlock any evil spirits!

Alright, what do you think about these 10 weird career choices? Have a strange one of your own?

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