7th Graders Make Tampon Cookies for Their Principal After He Refuses to Put Tampons in the Bathrooms


Leave it to a male to do something this ridiculous regarding women’s health. At a middle school recently, some kids got pretty peeved when the (male) principal argued against putting a tampon machine in the restroom because the students would “abuse the privilege”…whatever that means.

So what did these obviously bright and crafty seventh graders decide to do? They held a protest and baked some tampon cookies.

People thought the protest was pretty amazing, and the responses came rolling in.

“Each generation is incorporating feminism into child-rearing more and more. Yesterday’s ‘you can be a doctor’ is now ‘you can be a doctor and you can demand tampons.”

“She and every girl in the school should rally together and agree that every. single. time. they need a tampon, they should bypass all other adults at school and go ask for one from the principal directly.”

“Maybe the girls should demonstrate that they are not taking advantage of free tampons by returning them to the principal when they are finished with them.”

Here’s another, which rightly points out that people shouldn’t have to worry about $$ when it comes to health…

The girls who baked the cookies also released a statement under the name Revolutionary Girls’ Baking Society (this just keeps getting better) to update the world on what happened after the tweet went viral. The statement said, in part:

“After our cookie protest, our principal and the school board are now working to make sure every girl in our town will have the products they need readily available so no girl misses a day of school. We are very grateful that the school has taken our action seriously and is making a change. Feminine hygiene is not a luxury or a privilege, and not having tampons and pads is a barrier to every girl’s education.

Ours is a story of standing up with love and courage for our basic rights. Stand with us and work locally, nationally, and internationally to support the health and rights of all people. Check out Period.org or any of the hundreds of organizations working to ensure equal access to education for all.

Your actions can and do make a difference. We know, because ours did. If tampon cookies can spark a revolution, then the possibilities are endless!

The Revolutionary Girls’ Baking Society, baking a difference one bizarre confection at a time.”

You can read the full statement from the girls HERE.

I just love this story so much!