8 Bizarre Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now

There’s a good chance that you’ve already watched Tiger King at this point (how on earth can you talk to anyone else online these days if you haven’t?), and, if you’re like many people, it’s only whetted your appetite for too-crazy-to-be-fake stories.

Lucky for all of us, there is no shortage of batsh*t humans out there, and not shortage of people making films about them, either.

So, if you’re raring to watch something else, here are 8 more totally insane documentaries you can dive into today.

8. My Kid That Could Paint (Amazon)

Marla Olmstead was 4 years old when she began painting sprawling, abstract art that her parents sold for pretty big price tags. A later report questioned whether Marla really did them alone or had help from her parents, and this documentary looks at the validity of the claims, and whether or not it really matters if her parents “helped” a little.

It also delves into the difficult question of who gets to decide the worthiness of abstract art.

7. The Wolfpack (Hulu)

The seven Angulo sibings had to understand life through movies because their parents, wary of the outside world, confined the lot of them to their Manhattan apartment for years. The documentary follows their struggle to enter reality after being liberated from their forced exile..

6. Beware the Slenderman (HBO/Hulu)

In 2014, two young girls in Wisconsin attempted to murder a classmate to appease “Slenderman,” an internet boogeyman. The victim survived, but obviously all three lives have been forever changed.

The documentary examines how mental illness, social media, and urban mythology can be a dangerous cocktail indeed.

5. Three Identical Strangers (Hulu)

If you think a movie about how three identical triplets who were separated at birth and then found each other 18 years later is going to make you happy, well, it might for a minute.

Then the investigation takes a turn toward the reasons they were separated to begin with, and you’re suddenly watching a very different story.

4. The Iceman Tapes: Conversations With a Killer (HBO/Hulu)

Richard Kuklinski was a contract killer for organized crime families in New York and New Jersey, all while maintaining a “normal” life with a wife and children. In the documentary he discusses his homicidal tendencies, how he balanced his two lives, and his unusual methods for disposing of his victims.

3. Tickled (Hulu)

New Zealand journalist David Farrier set out to document a silly story about the world of “competitive endurance tickling,” but as he crosses paths with more and more people who don’t want to be exposed, things grow tense and even dangerous.

2. Perfect Bid (YouTube Movies)

When you’re a superfan of The Price is Right, you spend your free time analyzing price tags in the hopes that one day, you’ll make it up onto the stage and be able to to wow Bob Barker and everyone else.

This the story of Ted Slauson and his nearly perfect Showcase Showdown.

1. Hands on a Hardbody (iTunes)

Would you be willing to stand with one hand on a pickup truck for hours or days in order to win one?

If so, you’d learn what these people did – that a bunch of people who want a free truck quickly turns into a battle of attrition, complete with psychological games and mental fortitude.

I kind of hate myself for saying this, but most of these are going on my to-watch list.

Which are you going to watch first? Did we miss one that should be on the list? Tell us in the comments!