8 Classic Video Games You Can Play Online for Free

Modern video games are fun and everything, and sure their graphics and interface and interactive components are light, but if you grew up in bygone era, there’s nothing like playing a game that reminds you of the good ol’ days.

And there’s good news – since those games are old and worn, you can play a bunch of them online for free at the Historical Software Collection.

8. Castle Wolftenstein

This classic introduced concepts that were later used to develop first-person shooter concepts – but consult the reviews here so you can understand the controls.

7. PAC-MAN (1982)

The ultimate classic video game, though Atari’s version wasn’t as nice as the ones you played in the arcade. Keep in mind that F1 is the start key and the number pad is used for movement.

6. Choplifter (1982)

A game that made the rare leap from personal computer to arcades, Choplifter lets you rescue tiny hostages (you’ll need a number pad for this one, too).

5. Pitfall! (1982)

Pitfall! was one of Atari’s most successful games, selling more than 4 million copies during its lifetime. It’s nearly as old as I am, but I loved this one most of all.

4. The Hobbit (1982)

This illustrated text adventure follows the popular novels but it’s really hard to play before of the keyboard’s weird layout. They do provide a map with the game, so you can give it a try if it’s a classic favorite of yours!

3. Word Munchers (1985)

If you spent time in a school computer lab in the ’80s, then you’ve got fond memories of this game that taught you grammar and punctuation.

2. Number Munchers (1986)

You played this sequel, too, which you liked even though you were doing math!

1. Karateka (1984)

This was my friend on the Apple IIe, and at the time, the gameplay and cutscenes were completely fluid and cutting edge.

Well, I know what I’m doing the next time I feel like being unproductive for hours on end!

Which one are you going to play first? Let’s debate bests and worsts in the comments!