8 Wonderful Facts About The Female Body

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This isn’t just another post about gestation, birth, and breastfeeding, y’all – even though it is well-established that those things are amazing – because it turns out there are so many more reasons to revere the female body!

Here are 8 that are a pretty great start!

#8. Women are better at multi-tasking.

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Maybe it’s because we’re forced to be good at it, or maybe it’s because, like this study found, the female corpus callosum is actually larger.

#7. Women have a stronger sense of smell.

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And it’s not just when you’re pregnant, either – though it does increase before and during ovulation.

#6. And taste, too.

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A Yale University study showed the female tongue contains more taste buds, leading to more sensitive palates.

#5. Women live longer.

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According to the CDC, women live about 5 years longer than men, and scientists believe that it has to do with women’s tendencies to engage in healthier behaviors over the years. A recent McGill University study also revealed that women’s bodies can fight off infection and disease more efficiently (the truth behind the man cold?).

#4. Women are more flexible.

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Female muscles and tendons contain more of a hormone called elastin, which makes stretching easier on our bodies. It’s helpful during pregnancy and childbirth, when things spread out, but it also gives us a larger range of motion all of the time.

#3. Women have better memories.

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It’s not just you – you really do remember conversations and where you put the mop better than your husband does. A University of London study found that middle-aged women were able to recall words more easily than men of the same age, and a McMaster University study concluded women were also better at remembering faces.

#2. Women have an organ that is for nothing but pleasure.

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The clitoris has no other function.

#1. And it actually grows over time.

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The clitoris can become 2.5 times larger after menopause than it was during the teenage years, and 7 times larger than it was at birth. Also? It doesn’t age.

So there you go.

I love being a lady!