8 Five Guys Secrets That Employees Keep Close to the Vest

Image Credit: Instagram

You love their fries (and the free peanuts!) but if you’ve never worked at Five Guys, then these 8 things would probably have always remained hidden from you…

Until now.

You’re welcome.

#8. Every order is served “to go.”


They serve everything in paper bags. They do get complaints about waste when people are dining in, but they’re sticking to their guns.

They also have a strict no-delivery policy.

#7. They have a secret menu.


It’s pretty extensive – there are entire website threads dedicated to finding the best possible order.

#6. They’re required to give you extra fries.


A “small” Five Guys’ fry is an overflowing carton, and they also contain the most calories of any fast food fry in America. You can try ordering your fries “with no topper” if you don’t want the extra, but, I mean…who are we kidding here.

#5. Extra cheese is free!


Five Guys offers 15 different toppings, each of which costs the same amount of money – except cheese and bacon, so order away!

#4. Their grilling methods are boss.


Five Guys is famous for tier cooking method, which consists mainly of not pressing down on the patties while they cook, so as to retain the juices.

#3. Try the cajun fries.


The cajun season is killer – you can try these copycat recipes, but they’re not quite as good as the real thing.

#2. They’re serious about good mayo.


The family tested 16 different kinds of mayonnaise before settling on the winning concoction.

#1. They fry their fries twice.


It’s not exactly an industry secret (McDonald’s does it, too), but they dunk the fries, let them dry off, then dunk them again to get the crispiest possible outer layer.

Good thing you can still enjoy your burger (and peanuts!), right?