8 Ice Cold Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica

Image Credit: Pixabay

Antarctica is one of the most remote and least explored places on the planet, which is perhaps why people also find it so mysterious – and insist on coming up with their own theories about what, exactly, might be lurking among the ice, ice, more ice, and the occasional penguin.

Here are 8 of the craziest theories. Enjoy.

#8. A crater in Antarctica is the entrance to the “inner Earth.”

Image Credit: Pixabay

Scientists from the US and Germany discovered a crater deep under the permafrost back in 2006, and believe it was formed after an asteroid hit the earth millions of years ago (perhaps the same one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs).

Conspiracy theorists, though, think the crater is either part of a secret Nazi base (more about that later) or a literal entrance into the “inner earth.” Whatever that means.

#7. There was a secret Nazi base there.

This idea came into existence after historians learned that the Nazis launched an Antarctic expedition in 1938. They supposedly discovered underground caves and rivers on the trip, the largest of which became a secret city where they lived with the Illuminati. Cause of course.

Others figure this is where Hitler went to hide out after faking his death and losing the war.

In reality, the Nazis only sent one ship to the region, and it was in search of whaling grounds – they abandoned the search after WWII began in earnest.

#6. Someone at Google knows something we don’t.

One conspiracy theory YouTube channel reported that a red cross appears whenever he has enabled the weather feature on Google Earth – the result of a rogue employee trying to reveal what’s hidden there.

He figures a UFO base, secret treasure, or, just possibly, a glitch.

#5. The Lost City of Atlantis is underneath it.

Theories abound on the location of the Lost City of Atlantis, and since the 1950s some have figured that deep beneath the Arctic ice is as logical a place as any. Professor Charles Hapgood started the ball rolling with a theory that Antarctica was perhaps not covered with ice 12,000 years ago.

Which could mean that Atlantis was there, but is now covered with ice. Its people – here’s another theory for you – dispersed with the ice began to form and migrated to found the Aztec, Mayan, and Egyptian empires.

Cause PYRAMIDS! Or something.

#4. There are not one, but two, crater entrances to secret UFO bases.

Image Credit: Google Earth

There are two deep, baffling craters along the coast of Antarctica, and some believe they’re entrances to secret government facilities, alien facilities, or Nazi facilities.

The alien believers assume a UFO is buried in the permafrost and some claim to have seen it on Google Earth before the company covered it up.

#3. Rectangular icebergs come courtesy of aliens.

Real scientists have seen the almost perfectly rectangular icebergs in Antarctica – sometimes big enough to be seen from space – and they do look like something that unlikely to have formed in the natural world.

That said, they are – they form when part of an iceberg breaks away from a larger one.

Conspiracy theorists aren’t buying it though. They think they were made by aliens or humans for reasons unknown.

#2. It doesn’t actually exist.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Flat-earthers (and some others) claim that the entire South Pole is fiction, with the North Pole being the center of the world. They believe Antarctica is a thick, high wall that surrounds the planet and stops everything and everyone from falling over the edge.

#1. UFOs have crash landed there.

Image Credit: Pixabay

So-called “alien hunters” claim to have evidence of a UFO crash-landing in Antarctica – they’ve analyzed a “suspicious trail” on the continent’s surface (caused by an avalanche, say the people with degrees).

Gotta love a good conspiracy theory!