9 Haunted Objects to Stay Away From

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Humans aren’t the only things spirits attach themselves to. These possessed objects bring with them an uninvited guest. So if you’re feeling risky, and like you’re up to the challenge, take a chance and welcome these haunted treasures into your home. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Annabelle the Doll

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Allegedly, the doll is possessed by the ghost of a dead girl named Annabelle Higgins. Over the years, Annabelle has become known for its malicious behavior. A student nurse was given the doll in 1970, but after it began doing strange things, a psychic medium informed the student the doll was inhabited by a spirit. Eventually, the doll got to be too much, and the student called Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate. They validated the student’s claims and took the doll to their museum after pronouncing it “demonically possessed”. Annabelle remains in the Occult Museum to this day, behind glass where she cannot harm anyone.

2. Busby’s Stoop Chair

Also known as “The Dead Man’s Chair,” the Stoop Chair is a supposedly haunted chair cursed by Thomas Busby before his execution in 1702. As the story goes, Busby was drunk and sitting on the chair at the time of his arrest for murder. When he was taken into custody, he cursed the chair to take the life of anyone who sat there. There have been a number of fatalities reported in connection to the chair since. Now, it resides in the Thirsk Museum, where it hangs from the ceiling, of course. We wouldn’t want any unsuspecting person taking a seat.

3. The Anguished Man

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The Anguished Man was inherited by Sean Robinson after his grandmother passed away. Dark figures have been seen lurking around the house and crying heard coming from the painting. That might be enough to frighten away any potential owners, but there’s more.

Apparently, the man who created the painting was a disturbed individual who added his own blood to the red paint in the image then committed suicide immediately after its completion. To convince the skeptics, Robinson filmed a video of the painting in action and posted the evidence on YouTube where the video can still be found today.

4. The Tallman Bunk Beds

If you thought growing up afraid of monsters under your bed was scary, just wait until you hear about what happened to this family after they purchased the bunk for their children. Shortly after obtaining the bed, the two children sleeping in it became incredibly ill. While this alone is not particularly strange, the fact that it happened again and again is. Noises came from the bed and the family’s television began to turn on and off and switch channels on its own. The family held on to the bunk bed for nine months before finally throwing in the towel and getting rid of it.

5. “The Crying Boy” Painting

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Don’t let the sweet, innocent face of this little guy fool you. In September 1985, it was revealed that images of this painting were found amidst the ruins of multiple burned homes. One might think it was just a coincidence or a sick spectator leaving behind a picture after a house burned to the ground. But this wasn’t the case. It was later discovered that each of the families whose homes were destroyed owned a copy of the image. And somehow, it managed to survive the flames while nearly everything else perished. Creepy, right?

6. “The Hands Resist Him” Painting

When a young couple found this old painting at a brewery, they listed it on eBay and expected to make a few bucks. The painting was originally done by Bill Stoneham, an artist who said he based the image off a photo from his childhood. The last time he saw it was at an art gallery in Los Angeles. The owner of that gallery and an art critic from the Los Angeles Times who reviewed the painting died shortly after their encounters with the piece. All this information was included in the eBay listing by the couple, but it didn’t stop someone from forking over $1,025 for the possessed piece.

7. Robert the Doll

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You’ve never met a doll as alive as Robert. According to legend, the doll moves, changes its facial expressions, makes giggling noises, and seems to be acutely aware of what goes on around him. He vanished when his original owner moved away, but reappeared shortly after. Car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and a wealth of other misfortunes have been attributed to Robert.

8. The Dybbuk Box

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You may be more selective when choosing where to store your wine with this one. The Dybbuk Box is a wine cabinet believed to be haunted by a dybbuk–a restless spirit, usually malicious, thought to haunt physical objects. The box was originally uncovered in Portland, Oregon where it had ended up after first being bought in Spain after the Holocaust. It reportedly smells of cat urine and jasmine flowers, causes awful nightmares to the owner, and, in one case, caused a stroke after a woman received it for her birthday.

9. The Woman From Lemb

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Supposedly, the Woman from Lemb statue brings death to all owners. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the statue’s history–it’s nicknamed “The Goddess of Death” for a reason. The statue is carved from pure limestone and dates back to 3500 B.C. First, it was owned by a Lord Elphont. After just six years possessing the statue, all 7 members of his family were dead. The next two owners both perished after having the statue for two years. After the fourth and final owner took in the statue only to have four of their family members die, the Woman from Lemb was donated to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, where it remains today.

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