9 Pictures of Trees Being Awesome That Might Delight Arbor Lovers

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There are people who like trees and people who love trees (and I guess people who don’t like or have no feelings for trees, but we aren’t going go talk about those weirdos today). Trees are awesome. They’re sturdy, they’re beautiful, they can keep secrets…what’s not to like?

These 9 pictures are of trees surviving in all kinds of wild scenarios, so you know, they’re also tough as nails. And if you’re a tree person, you’re going to love these images.

9. This tree straight up ATE a sign.

Teach you to nail something into IT.

8. It didn’t go down without a fight, that’s for sure.

RIP, my love. And screw that concrete.

Found some incredibly strong tree roots in the white mountains from CampingandHiking

7. The very definition of down but not out.

It’s even more beautiful now, possibly.

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You can fall but with a little support one can survive and live again ! Photos taken at the Hot springs park in the mountain near Chiangmai. #chiangmaithailand #chiangmainationalpark #chiangmaitree #chiangmaitreehouse #chiangmaiflowerfestival #chiangmaiflower #survivingtree #survivingtreeplanting

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6. A palm tree in the desert. Who knew?

It’s not a mirage. I don’t think.

The palm tree most strong tree in the desert , Saudi Arabia from desertporn

5. I can almost feel this peaceful day on the water.

And the blissful shade from this beauty.

4. Stronger than iron.

Because it wasn’t made by a human.

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It is such a beautiful day. I love the picture of this great tree overtaking this measly fence; as though it is nothing. This really showcases the power of nature #hippymoment #tree #powerfultree #mothernaturei

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3. No one better cut this beauty down.

Seriously, we will mutiny.

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Just a tree in Yangon . . . #tree🌳 #trees #tree_shotz #randomtree #natureinthecity #peacefulplaces #peacefullness #meditationspace #myanmar #myanmar🇲🇲 #myanmartravel #visitmyanmar #burma #yangon #yangonlife #yangonmyanmar #yangoncity #yangonoftheday #rangoon #ig_asia #explorepage #travelphotography #travelgram #solotraveler #solotravel #coloursplash #huaweip30pro #p30pro

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2. That tree is gonna take down the whole building before its done.

It’s got PLANS, ya’ll.

1. Talk about weathering the storm.

Who knows how many gales it has withstood?

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I want to visit every last one of these in person!

Hug a tree people – it’s the best way to feel less lonely in a hot second!