9 times Twitter was so good no one could believe this website is free.

SOURCE: Someecards

Few websites (besides Facebook) garner as much of a love-hate relationship as Twitter. On one hand, the website can function as an incredibly useful tool that connects us to networking and career opportunities, bolsters the voices of marginalized people, facilitates educational discussions, and of course, gives us beautiful memes.

However, the darker side of twitter gives us the onslaught of Twitter trolls, widespread ignorance, and concerns over user privacy and safety.

Since using Twitter can feel as toxic and emotionally confusing as a five year relationship full of loud break-ups and passionate make up sex, it’s healthy to appreciate when the site blesses us with gold nuggets of the absurd.

These moments of pure Twitter bliss have grown their own genre of tweet: the “Twitter is free” meme.

Basically, anytime someone feels they’ve witnessed a full cinematic experience on the site, they’ll note that their entertainment was in fact free, thus making it BETTER.

1. When Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse had online beef.

2. This man who thought the sparkling water brand LaCroix was a philosopher.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @spindlypete 

3. When alt-right nightmare fuel Tomi Lahren ate her own words.

4. When the singer Anne-Marie didn’t understand sparkling water.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @DaftLimmy

5. When this man got properly dragged for assuming an artist was male.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @nrrrdcore

6. When Wendy’s and Little Debbie’s hosted other snack companies on a talk show.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @azalben

7. This perfect marriage of new and old memes.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @ohsheshort

8. When the man’s porn tastes got outed.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Mid__West

9. This deliciously petty woman who blamed an acquaintance for national currency production.

Twitter can indeed be a terrifying place at times, so at least we have these screenshots, right?!

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