9-Year-Old Creates Wholesome Twitter Account About Petting Other People’s Dogs

Photo Credit: Mashable

At just nine years old, Gideon Kidd has already pet over 300 dogs, documenting all of them on his Twitter account, I’ve Pet That Dog. Seriously, it’s kind of the greatest thing ever.

Photo Credit: I’ve Pet That Dog

His account went viral after toy designer @KaylaPekkala shared it, dubbing it her “New Favorite Twitter Account.”

Photo Credit: KaylaPekkala

Gideon now has thousands of followers. He’s really enjoying the newfound popularity, saying, “It feels amazing!” His mother added that the whole experience has been “really fun” for him.

His account has been likened to Humans of New York, only so much more pure and wonderful. Gideon records the name, age, background, and unique personality traits of every pup he pets. Sometimes, however, his posts also deal with some of the deeper aspects of human-animal relationships. Recently, he wrote about a dog named Stella, who helped her human cope with depression.

Photo Credit: I’ve Pet That Dog

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

Other encounters are more lighthearted, such as his review of this dog as “loyal and friendly.”

Photo Credit: I’ve Pet That Dog

He characterized another pup as being “bouncy and friendly.”

Photo Credit: I’ve Pet That Dog

What I love most is how he always tries to make sure the personality of the dog comes through in his posts.

Photo Credit: I’ve Pet That Dog

Gideon actually has a special fondness for chihuahuas and even belongs to a chihuahua fan club. His family has a dog of their own, 12-year-old Walter, who they found running across a road after he’d been sprayed by a skunk.

On his site, Gideon says he’ll pet any dog unless their owner doesn’t want him to. In May of this year, he celebrated his 300th petting – a cocker spaniel named Clementine who quickly became one of Gideon’s favorite dogs.

Photo Credit: I’ve Pet That Dog

To those who feel afraid of dogs, he offers the following advice: “If you put your hand under their nose, you can let them sniff you. He’ll bark and growl if he doesn’t want you to pet him. If he does want you to pet him, he’ll come to you happily.”

Ok, I’m officially overdosing on cuteness right now.