15 ’90s Memes for Millennials Who Get It

Ah, the 1990s. They were a simpler time, right?

The stuff on TV was definitely questionable, no one had a portable computer that they carried around in their pockets, and children ran free outside all day because their parents kept the door locked until dinner time.

These 15 ’90s memes definitely recall the era accurately.

But keep in mind that if you aren’t truly a ’90s kid, you may think you know… but you have no idea.

Fellow millennials, let’s unite in our ’90s nostalgia.

1. It’ll fry your brain!

Do you still worry about this sometimes?

2. RIP hair

These were truly the worst.

3. It’s Blockbuster time!

What a fine institution.

4. No devices needed.

We used to live for this moment.

5. Grape stuff!

Which scent was your favorite?

6. Peeking under your arms also worked.

You know you did it, too.

7. These are the facts.

Does anyone know if you can still find these games online?

8. Tamagotchis were everything.

I wonder what the long-term effects of drinking three Surges a day are…

9. Sit down, children.

You were basically babies the entire time.

10. Accuracy level: 100%

It’s amazing no one has noticed this before.

11. Everyone knows it.

Backstreet Boys, right?

12. We’re still not ready!

Please, someone, make it all slow down.

13. They should bring these guys back.

I kind of miss them!

Did you love that blast from the past?

The ’90s were really just a wildly special time.

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