A ‘Best in Show’ Winner Took a Dump During Her Victory Lap


When you watch a top-tier dog show such as Crufts from England, you expect it to be refined and elegant.

Well, one pooch named Maisie, who happened to win ‘Best in Show’ at the recent competition, threw all of that out the window when she decided to…ahem…relieve herself during her victory lap.

This tweet pretty much summed it up.

Oh, Maisie…you ruined your victory lap!

But you did what you had to do.

Like any good dog owner, Kim McCalmont was ready with a poop bag to clean up the mess.

And people on Twitter thought the whole incident was pretty amusing.

This person even thinks Maisie is a genius.

She definitely did mark her territory…

And this person thought it might be the shining moment for all Crufts events.

Pretty hilarious, even if it wasn’t at the opportune time for Maisie to do her business.

Hey, nature calls, right?

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