A Brewery Offered Free Beer for Its Stolen Van: They Got It Back 42 Minutes Later


Never, EVER, underestimate the power of free beer. That was the valuable lesson learned when a van was stolen from The Unknown Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This tweet was sent out the day the van was stolen. The brewery promised that whoever found the van would get a free keg party – even the thieves themselves were encouraged to return the van for free beer.

Brad Shell, the owner of The Unknown Brewing Company, said, “We still thought for some reason it was a joke the whole time. Why would you steal a van that has neon paint? It’s a very recognizable vehicle.”

A mere 42 minutes later, the van was found. Folks at the brewery said that more than 15 people called in with tips. A woman named Caroline spotted the stolen van on her street and reported it.

And The Unknown let the world know the good news.

The bad news? The stolen van was reportedly used in more than a dozen crimes in less than 24 hours. Police believe the perpetrators used the van to store and transport the goods stolen from their mini crime spree.

Okay, want more good news? The folks at the brewery were so touched by the support they received in Charlotte that they decided to brew a brand new beer called Van Theft Auto that they will sell for only 25 cents a pint. Oh yeah!

As a Charlotte resident, I assume I will be Ubering to The Unknown Brewery quite often in the coming days. Bottoms up!