A Family Accidentally Booked Tickets on a ‘Pride Flight’ to New York and Had a Total Blast

©Twitter,Virgin Atlantic

When in Rome, right? If you get thrown into an unexpected situation, you might as well make the best of it and have a good time.

That’s exactly what happened when Kerry and Sean Powell and their two sons recently booked a flight from London to New York City. What the Powells didn’t realize when the booked the flight last September was that it was for Virgin Atlantic’s Pride Flight. The family found out a month after they booked the flight and decided to keep it anyway.

Fast forward to late June and the Powells found themselves on the trans-Atlantic flight hosted by TV star Tituss Burgess and featuring celebrities and drag queens. The flight was also staffed with Virgin Atlantic employees who identify as LGBTQ. And the Powells had a great time!


The kids sure look like they’re having a good time in that video dancing and listening to Lady Gaga. Kerry Powell said, “It was amazing. We knew what it was all about, it wasn’t a surprise. Everyone was so lovely to the kids.”

The flight coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that took place in New York City in late June-early July 1969. The riots are seen as a turning point in the fight for gay rights in the United States.

The flight was such a big hit that Richard Branson announced that Virgin Atlantic will do the Pride Flight next year as well. I have a feeling that this will become an annual event for many years to come. Looks like a blast!