A Fyre Festival Pop-Up Bar Is Coming and It’ll Probably Be Way Better Than the Real Thing

Photo Credit: Cinemart

Fyre Festival was like a car crash that we couldn’t look away from – years later, people are still fascinated by it. For a limited time, you can now experience the madness of Fyre Fest yourself at a pop-up bar in Chicago.

The arcade bar, Replay Lincoln Park, regularly hosts themed pop-up events. From May 3 to May 19, the space will be transformed into a small version of Fyre Festival, complete with those infamous “gourmet cheese sandwiches.” The bar will also feature palm trees, cabanas, relief tents, and beach chairs.

Photo Credit: Netflix

At first, it seemed that the event might be a joke – the bar announced it on April Fools’ Day. However, a spokesperson later confirmed that, yes, this is really happening.

Will there be any crying rich people at the pop-up?? You might have to improvise that part. But unlike the $5,000 tickets to Fyre Festival, entrance to the pop-up bar is totally free, and you won’t be stranded on an island without a place to sleep! There will also be tiki drinks available, like a Pineapple Upside Down Martini and Hibiscus Margarita.

Photo Credit: Reddit

This isn’t the first Fyre Festival spin-off. The New Jersey-based pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen created a $25 slice of pizza inspired by the event: the Festival Pyzza. It’s a terrible, overpriced slice of pizza with slices of cheese, served in a styrofoam box. Clever!