Texas Man Builds Awesome, 2,500 Square Foot Home out of Shipping Containers


You’ve no doubt heard all about the tiny house craze that’s gained massive popularity over the past few years. Well, maybe the next big thing will be based on what Will Breaux did with his house.

Breaux decided to do something radically different by building a 2,500 square foot house in Houston, Texas, out of shipping containers – 11 of them, to be exact. Breaux stacked the shipping containers on top of each other to make a three-story house with a rooftop deck.


He wanted to own a house like this since the early 2000s, and after years of not being able to find someone to design one, he decided to design the house himself. According to Breaux,

“I began looking at projects that were being built that I liked. Ultimately, a designer with a home builder family was hired to design a 3 story townhouse to be built on the lot. After going round and round for months, I eventually had to fire that group because they weren’t willing to give me what I wanted. Thus, the journey to design my own house began around 2011.”

He said he wanted to use shipping containers because they’re “strong, fireproof, long-lasting, hurricane resistant, and have common characteristics.” Breaux spent a long time learning everything he could about building with shipping containers and then he decided to go for it after he created a 3-D sketch of the house.


Let’s take a look at some photos of the inside of Breaux’s house because it looks awesome.

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That is amazing!

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Now I kind of want one of these for myself…