A Man Documents the Fascinating Life Cycle of Berries

While some berries aren’t edible, there are plenty that taste delicious, and they’re all pretty when we pass them on some lush bush or branch.

But what do we really know about the life cycle of a berry?

Unless we went into botany, probably not much, but a man named Alfie Daye is changing that, one berry at time through his Twitter account.

Daye first posted an image of a blackberry’s lifecycle, from bud to flower to succulent natural treat on June 16.  Within two weeks, it quickly ratcheted up over a million views and was retweeted over 180,000 times.

People posted their own pictures of nature taking its course with different fruits.

The transformation happens the same way across the board—buds turn into flowers and flowers ripen into sweet berries, bursting with flavor.

Coffee beans are created much in the same way. Tiny buds become coffee cherries, and within the cherries lies the coffee bean, waiting to be processed and later ground into our morning coffee.

None of this is possible without outside help, of course. Animals of all kinds, including squirrels, deer, birds, and bears, digest the fruit and excrete the seeds, dispersing them into the environment. As the plants grow, bees pollenate their flowers, which become the yummy berries we’ve come to know and love.

Through these photos, Daye has proven that nature is not only cyclical but a wonder to witness, no matter the fruit or berry.

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