Talk about perseverance: Canadian farmer Joe Murray has been excavating the basement in his home since 2005 using only remote control toy vehicles.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Murray calls his 14+ year project his hobby: “My escape from everyday realities, nothing more.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Murray is an RC toy enthusiast, and he estimates that he moves about three cubic meters of soil each year with his toy earth movers.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Murray says he might move on to excavating his barn after the basement is finished:

“The one thing I’m looking forward to about the barn is the much bigger area and it’s flat too, which will work better for bigger, more powerful R/C models. I might dig a pond in there with some river channels for tugboats/barges… We’ll see.”

Follow Murray’s YouTube channel to keep up with his progress.

Here’s some video of the excavation process in action.