A Man Reunites With His Donkey and It’s the Cutest Thing

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The connection between a person and their pet is precious. One man was separated from his donkey during quarantine in Spain, and they had an adorable reunion!

Spanish radio station Cope explained a bit more about this reunion. Spain has had a strict lockdown thanks to COVID19, and this has separated many from their loved ones.

The donkey’s owner, Ismael Fernández is from the city of Málaga, Spain. His donkey’s name is Baldomera, but she answers to Baldo.

Photo Credit: YouTube

As you can see, Ismael and Baldomero live in a lush, green area. Doesn’t it look peaceful?

Well, you can see Baldo getting closer to Ismael as he calls her name!

Photo Credit: YouTube

Ismael and Baldo were separated during lockdown because he lives in the city, and Baldo lives on a farm just outside of Málaga, in a town called El Borge.

Once Málaga began relaxing its lockdown, Ismael made his way to El Borge to visit Baldo!

Photo Credit: YouTube

Though it seems like nothing to the onlooker, things got heartwarming quickly. After Ismael saw Baldo for the first time, he quickly got teary-eyed, and Baldo appeared to reciprocate!

Photo Credit: YouTube

Ismael even told Baldo that he missed her too, and the teary-eyed reunion continued. But don’t take our word for it, check out the video for yourself!

Though it’s originally in Spanish, you’ll get the gist even if you don’t understand the language.

Looks like we really underestimated the feelings of donkeys and the bond they share with their humans.

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