A Man Trapped in the Snow for 5 Days Survived on Taco Sauce Packets


Jeremy Taylor is lucky to be alive…and he has taco sauce to thank for it. The Oregon man and his dog were trapped for nearly five days after his Toyota 4Runner got stuck in the snow on a forest service road.

Taylor said he fell asleep in the car the first night and woke up the next day only to realize that more snow had fallen during the night. He and his dog tried to walk to safety, but Taylor said the deep snow made it impossible and they returned to the vehicle.

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The Sheriff’s Office released a missing person report asking for help in locating Taylor.

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Taylor said he periodically started his car to keep warm and that he ate taco sauce packets from Taco Bell that he found in the vehicle.

Finally, after almost five agonizing days spent snowbound in his vehicle, a snowmobiler found Taylor and called 911. The Sheriff’s Office arrived and found that Taylor and his dog, Ally, were both in good condition but were very hungry.

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Taylor let all his friends and family know that he was okay.

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And he added this comment…

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Stay off those back roads, Jeremy!