A Man Who Was Fishing Got Into It With a Homeowner Who Said He Was on Private Property

Have you ever dealt with someone who claimed you on private property when you clearly weren’t?

It happens all the time!

And people just throw that term out there to try and scare folks away for one reason or another…which brings us to today’s story.

A man named Sean Riley posted a video on TikTok showing an angry man threatening to call the police on him because he claims he’s on private property in the water near the man’s house…which he isn’t.

The homeowner gets heated while Riley keeps his cool the whole time and added text to his video saying “my first male Karen encounter.”

Take a look at the video.

@seanrileyhunt49 #cluelesshomeowner#angryboatdock#HaloSilverTeam #stcroixrods #minnkota #ultrex #talons ♬ original sound – Sean Riley

People made comments on the video saying that Riley really kept his composure.

Riley responded, “I thought I was being pretty dang quiet, and people make it seem like I’m 3ft from his house…guy wasn’t even outside when I made the first cast.”

One person wrote, “Most people would be like, “hey man you catching anything?””

Another viewer sarcastically said, “Calls the police* tHeRes a MaN fiShIng HeRe.”

And another TikTokker said, “You handled that like a champion sir.”

Riley posted a second video where a police officer tells him he did nothing wrong.

@seanrileyhunt49 #talons #ultrex #minnkota #stcroixrods #HaloSilverTeam #cluelesshomeowner #angryboatdock #lewsfishing ♬ original sound – Sean Riley

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