Over 25 Years, This Man Wrote Over 8,500 Poems For His Wife

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Peter and Allison Gordon had a wonderfully romantic marriage before she passed of cancer in 2016. Almost every day for 25 years, he has written a poem for Allison. Even after her death, he continued with his poetry expressing his unending love for her. His children asked him to sort through the notes and what unfolded was an incredible love story.

Peter has written more than 8,500 poems to Allison in 25 years. Nearly everyday, Allison would find one under her pillow.

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The Greatest Thing by Peter Gordon Written November 24th 2015 The greatest thing is we are one And with the fire of joy we glow The worst thing – you’re unwell, must oh, Be sadness to eclipse the sun It seems contrasting lives we lead – One lifts the heart, one makes it bleed And yet I feel, seen from afar, We must light up the very earth Around, so bright with joy and mirth We shine on our good days; hurrah, For every kiss we’ve ever shared All loving vows we have declared! For it is true – we in the sky Would outshine stars – the sun defy #Aloveinverse #poetsofinstagram

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Peter never failed to tell Allison how much he loves her. One of the children told Bored Panda:

The thing I love most about the poems is the hope in them. Even those written after my mum’s death—and some of them are really quite devastating—are lifted by the same message: Love redeems.

Even after death. We had to do something with them, to share them with people, and this has been part of the grieving process.

I think she’d be very proud of him.

The family was devastated by Allison’s cancer diagnosis in 2014. But that didn’t stop Peter from writing his daily poems to her.

Even after her death in 2016, Peter still composes them to her as if she’s still with him.

The family has plans to have the poems published.

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Perfection by Peter Gordon 21/08/2007 The soft late sun outlines the trees Before its setting threads the sky With cloud and gleam then going frees The night to dance dark hours by Before the stars emerge to speak Of life, eternity and hope My love will serve me food unique In flavour, colour and in scope And after, grace the couch we share I’ll see and kiss many a time – Splendid in the telly’s glare Her face, enchanting and sublime #aloveinverse #poetsofinstagram

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Their children created a website dedicated to their parent’s great love called A Love in Verse. Many more of Peter’s poems can be found there.

May we all find the inspiration in his words to tell the people in our lives how much we love them while we can.