Manager Tried to Blame His Screw-Up on Someone Else, Employee Gets Sweet Revenge

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Although it doesn’t always happen fast enough for my personal taste, I do believe that crappy people eventually get what’s coming to them. I hope so, anyway, and that goes double for people who try to blame the people who work for them when things go wrong.

You’re the boss, it’s your mistake, no matter who makes it. End of story.

A lesson these couple of bosses learned the hard way after someone up the chain made a mistake. They asked an underling how to fix it, he told them, but they didn’t like the answer because it would mean admitting they messed up. Instead they blamed him, he quit, and detailed in a letter to HR *why* he quit.

Read on, my friends, to see how sweet revenge can be when karma gets it right.

Manager thought my job role was unnessacary, finds out the hard way it wasn’t
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And now the satisfying conclusion…

I find out ABC is suing DTC for fucking up the deal. The deal that the douchebag sales rep manager fucked up, and tried to pin on me.

I reach out to ABC, send them a copy of the letter I sent to HR, in which I detailed precisely how badly DTC fucked them over.

I talk with one of their lawyers and he’s very happy, especially the part in my letter where I describe how the sales rep lied to ABC.

And then they realize that because their head doesn’t know what their butt is doing, they are totally and completely screwed.

DTC subpoenas me for a deposition.

I have to tell DTC’s lawyers everything that I told ABC’s lawyers. Lawyer stuff.

The day before the deposition, DTC sues me directly. Remember DTC’s stock crashing? They’re suing me for badmouthing the company and attempting to short their stock. (which I wasn’t) However, there’s a twist: Because DTC is suing me directly, I don’t have to say shit to them at the deposition.

Their preparation for the lawsuit goes completely out the window. They know they’re fucked because the read the letter I sent HR, but they don’t know how fucked because they don’t know what else I know or what I’ve told ABC’s lawyers.

Additionally, because they never deposed me, that can’t catch me contradicting myself between what I say at the deposition and at trial.

The result?

Lawsuits and dismissed and everyone who did the originally wronging is fired.

They’re dumbfounded.

No idea how they could have fucked this up so badly. Turns out there were two legal teams: One defending against ABC’s lawsuit, and another trying to scare people away from talking shit about the company on the internet by indiscriminately suing their critics. They don’t communicate with each other, and the one team didn’t mention to the other team that they would be suing a key witness in their case.

DTC settles the lawsuit with ABC. And they drop the lawsuit against me.

And they fire the sales rep, the sale rep manager, and his manager too.

That’s what’s known as justice, my friend, don’t you think?

If you want to fist-bump with me (from a distance), let’s do that – and if you want to argue on behalf of the bosses, well, let’s talk about that!

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