This $159,900 House For Sale Looks Normal On The Outside But Has Weird Features Inside

Photo Credit: Twitter

Sometimes it’s fun to check out what kind of houses are for sale in your city by researching different price ranges and seeing what comes up even when you have no intention on buying one. That’s probably what led Twitter user @frazierapproves to this peach of a home outside Pittsburgh, Pa. It looks like a regular, modest house on the outside.

But, come on in and prepared to be…wowed.

Frazierapproves calls it “the greatest house listing of all time.” He’s right when he calls it “unassuming and modest.” Step inside, though, and each room gets more and more awesome. And, it can be all yours for $159,900.

Take a look at the party-ready backyard. Just add water and mai-tais. The inside really opens up too.

Set your phasers for fun. Yes, the formal dining room is a starship.

Pittsburgh basements can have many things, including random toilets, but a BEACH? A private basement beach is one way to beat the winter blues.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Frazierapproves told Bored Panda:

I live in Pittsburgh and came across the listing via my local subreddit. The front exterior photo is completely unremarkable. It’s very typical of the 1960s Suburban Pittsburgh housing vernacular… particularly in the eastern suburbs. That’s the kind of home they built for middle-class families in the last days of steel.

The first surprise came with the photos of the backyard. Not only is the yard larger than one would suspect, but swimming pools are exceedingly rare in this region, due to the hilly topography and small window of summer-like temperatures.

The living room with it’s vaulted ceiling and spiral staircase caught him by surprise too because from the outside, the house looks like a small ranch style. Each room had it’s own theme and got more strange with each picture. He said it was, “like a miniature amusement park or a home-sized movie studio.”

We agree.

Others had this to say:

Genre fiction aficionados could just move in to this turnkey property.

This is an intriguing house, no two ways about it. Great space for entertaining or to entertain. In fact, the owner should keep it and charge admission.

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