A Mom Uncovered a Drug Smuggling Operation After Ordering a Creepy Doll on Etsy That Was Filled With Cocaine

©Facebook,Elizabeth Faidley

You just never know what you’re gonna get when you order something off of Etsy or similar websites, do you?

A mom named Elizabeth Faidley got the surprise of a lifetime when she ordered a “Merbaby” doll from Etsy and, lo and behold, the unique doll’s head was stuffed with two ounces of COCAINE.

Check out this wild story:

“It’s FINALLY HERE: The 2019 Pearl the Mermaid Saga Re-Telling! I was going to wait until 12/24 to post this, but I know some of you need to prepare for your Christmas Eve dinner readings. The more I think about the Pearl Saga, the more I think about how it really symbolizes my motherhood journey.

If you are new to the Tale of Pearl, welcome. If it is your 4th re-read, hopefully you will find magic and new secrets along the way. Let’s journey back….to December of 2015…..when all Ellie wanted for Christmas was a real merbaby…..

Many of you have been thinking and asking about Pearl and her strange skin, “creepy eyes”, and flowing green hair, and I feel like enough time has passed that I can now reveal to you the entire Pearl Saga. For those of you who might have lost track of the Pearl story or might have forgotten an essential plot point, I’m going to sketch it out for you.

Part I (December, 2015)- Ellie dreams of having a mermaid baby. Not just a mermaid, and not just a baby. A mermaid baby. Being the adventurous gift buyer that I am, I searched and searched and finally found a hand-made mermaid baby doll on ETSY. In the pictures online, it appeared that Pearl was wearing a veil of some sort. But no, that was her creepy and weird skin. When Pearl arrives, I am thrilled! I show her to several teenaged students who react to her face in sheer horror. I ignore this reaction, knowing that Ellie will love Pearl.

There’s even video!

And here’s part II of this wild story…

Part II (Christmas Morning)- Ellie wakes up and excitedly runs to the tree to find Pearl. The video is attached so you can see the real-time reaction. Basically, she was like, “OMG, this doll is hideous. What is wrong with you, Santa??”

(Ellie later notes that Pearl was her first indication that Santa was not real.)…”

If you want to read the rest of Faidley’s story, check out her complete Facebook post.

Now, that is truly bizarre.

Have you ever gotten a “surprise” package in the mail like this before?

If so, recount all the sordid details in the comments, please!