A Near-Fatal Heart Attack Inspired This Man To Completely Transform His Life

I think it’s fair to say that there are tons of people out there who know, deep down, that at least some of the choices they’re making for their life aren’t the healthiest. Whether we’re talking mental or physical, we’ve all got things about our lives we’re aware we should change.

Not everyone gets a wakeup call, though – and too many people won’t get to come back from certain death the way this man did either.

Blake Gauthier had struggled with diet and weight issues for the majority of his adult life, and as he approached middle age and battled depression, he had pretty much stopped giving exercise a go, too.

By his own admission he was eating and drinking to make himself feel happy, and was content letting all of his other obligations, wants, and needs take precedence over his health.

At the point when our story begins, Blake weighed over 500 pounds, so when he had a heart attack in 2018, neither he or his nurse girlfriend was really surprised – in fact, Blake was probably more surprised to find himself still alive in the back of an ambulance after basically dying.

He calls the moment a “hell of a wake-up call,” and says that he realized something had to change or the next time he would not be so lucky.

When Blake first woke up he learned that he’d torn up his knee and would need serious therapy before he could even walk again – but once he did, he kept going.

He also took a hard look at his diet and made some tough changes, and when he began lifting weights and working out, too, he began taking progress photos for his own personal reference.

Currently, Blake has lost nearly half of his body weight and is working toward entering some bodybuilding competitions, too.

It’s inspiring to see this transformation, which is proof that you really can do whatever you put your mind to, but people.

Don’t wait until you literally die to take your own health seriously.

Do it today!