A Netflix Documentary Called ‘The Game Changers’ Is Making People Go Vegan. Have You Seen It Yet?

There’s a documentary on Netflix that is causing quite a stir, getting some people to question their lifelong eating habits and even to try going vegan.

The documentary stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton, and James Wilks, and the executive producers include Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Jackie Chan, and Chris Paul.

That’s a pretty star-studded lineup.

UFC fighter Wilks, who is featured in the film, said about his vegan journey, “What I discovered was so revolutionary, with such profound implications for human performance and health — and even the future of the planet itself — that I had to share it with the world.”

One 47-year-old man said that he started his new vegan lifestyle after watching the movie, and “It pretty much happened overnight. I have a lot more energy. I feel more alert, more awake. Especially with boxing, after five rounds of sparring I notice how much energy I’ve got.”

The film showcases the benefits of veganism and also sets out to show viewers that they can build muscle mass by eating a plant-only diet. Schwarzenegger used to prescribe to the idea that real men ate meat, but, he says, “you’ve got to understand that’s marketing, that’s not based on reality.”

The film is out to prove that it’s merely a misconception that you have to consume animal protein to perform at a high level.

The Game Changers also claims that a vegan-based diet will lead to better sex. So there’s that…

Here’s the trailer for the film.

What do you think about this topic? Are you vegan? Are you vehemently ANTI-vegan? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

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