A New Cavity Vaccine Could Save Kids Discomfort and Their Parents Money

Photo Credit: Instagram

Most of us know what it feels like to get a cavity and go through the decidedly unpleasant process of getting it filled. And for many, the first cavities occur during childhood.

So while the discomfort was ours, the bill belonged to our parents.

Now, scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are working on perfecting a “cavity vaccine” that could put an end to both.


It hasn’t been approved for human trials, but the developers hope that it could defend kids’ teeth from developing cavities in the first place.

Cavities are caused by acid erosion, which can be battled by mixing the bacteria that emits the acid with proteins that protect enamel from being eaten away. No one is immune to cavities, though some people are more prone to getting them (no matter how meticulously they care for their teeth) because of the shape of their teeth or their diet. Often whether you’re prone to cavities or not is a product of socioeconomic status.


Cavities are the most common ailment in children and can cost around $2000 to maintain over a person’s life – a hefty price tag for parents already struggling to make ends meet.

If you’re searching for ways to mitigate cavities in your house pre-vaccine, then look no further than the sugar content in the foods you and your kids eat. As high-sugar foods break down, they release that cavity-causing acid and can start to cause decay within 20 minutes of touching your teeth.


But since avoiding sugar or brushing your teeth every half-hour doesn’t seem particularly realistic, here’s hoping that cavity vaccine passes into human trials and onto shelves sooner rather than later!

We could all use the break.