I think this news is going to excite a whole lot of people out there. Combine two great things – chocolate and travel – and what do you get? The Eurochocolate Cruise.

The cruise is a collaboration between Costa Cruises and the annual Eurochocolate Festival, and it will set sail in April 2020 from Civitavecchia, Italy. The cruise will take guests through the Mediterranean for eight days.

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Posted by Getlivenews on Thursday, October 24, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to book a spot on this excursion, you’ll be treated to eight days of chocolate tastings, chocolate workshops, a visit to the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona. Oh, and the boat itself is stocked with chocolate fountains, chocolate sculptures – even chocolate experts to answer all your chocolate questions.

The ship will also stop in Genoa, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, and Catania. Carlo Schiavon, Costa Cruises’ Italy country manager, said,

“We try to offer unique experiences to our guests […] and this is possible also thanks to prestigious partnerships like the one with Eurochocolate. [It] will allow us to have for the first time aboard a cruise ship the vibe, the fun and the tastes of the greatest international festival dedicated to chocolate.”

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Posted by Costa on Sunday, October 27, 2019

The annual Eurochocolate festival takes place in Perugia, Italy, attracting around 900,000 visitors each year. Next year’s festival is set to kick off on October 16 and run until October 25.

I really need to get in on this whole “chocolate tourism” thing…what have I been doing with my life?

This looks like an excellent trip. Let us know if you plan to go!