A Satirical Article from ‘The Onion’ Inspired a Chef to Create This Easy-to-Make Treat for Kids


Yes, a lot of people fall for ridiculous headlines from the satirical newspaper The Onion. But they’re usually along the lines of something like this.

Photo Credit: Facebook,The Onion

And we all have a good laugh at that person’s expense. But this example of a person falling for a headline from The Onion is actually really nice and heartwarming, so we just had to share it with you.

An Australian fella named Adam Liaw noticed an Onion story on Twitter, and he decided to reply to it.

Liaw is a chef – take a look at what he decided to do next.

How nice!

The next day Liaw came back and shared his creation. Follow the directions closely…

Photo Credit: Twitter

Good idea from the chef! And simple to make, too!

And finally, you’ll be able to use the leftover chocolate for other recipes.

Liaw was seriously praised for his efforts.

On behalf of all the parents out there, thanks, Mr. Liaw!