New Study Shows That Younger Siblings Are Funnier Than Older Siblings

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Hey, this isn’t news to me. I have three older siblings and guess who’s the King of Comedy? This guy, right here. But now there’s science to back it up!

A British study from YouGov questioned 1,783 adults to assess various personality traits based on birth order. The survey showed that 46% of younger siblings believe that they are the funniest child in their family, while only 36% of oldest siblings report that they are the family clown.

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The study also showed that 54% of oldest children believe they bear the most responsibility, compared to 31% of youngest kids. So not only do the young ones get to be hilarious, they also don’t have to worry about as much. Well, isn’t that great?

Some more findings: older siblings feel “more organized” than their little brothers and sisters, and young siblings see themselves as more easygoing than their older counterparts. That makes sense. Again, the younger ones typically don’t have to worry about things compared to the older kids.

Photo Credit: pxhere

A lot of successful comedians just so happen to be the youngest kids in their respective families: Eddie Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carrey, and Steve Martin, to name a few.

What do you think? How does it work in your family?