A Swarm of Locusts Invaded a Town in India and We Have Photos and Videos

This story is not for the squeamish, especially if insects aren’t you’re thing.

When we hear about swarms of desert locusts, our thoughts turn to biblical armageddon. We’re in 2020, after all, so it is a possibility.

Residents in Gurgaon, India, are suffering a locust invasion. They’ve been told to stay inside, keep windows and doors shut and make loud noises by banging on pots and pans to drive the locusts away. An agriculture ministry official also warned pilots to be extra careful as they take off and land at Delhi’s international airport.

Of course, as residents hunker down, they’ve taken some unbelievable videos and photos of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Locusts swarm in search of food, and this is one of the worst infestations India has seen in decades. These particular swarms originated in the Horn of Africa and have devoured crops in several states, which can spell disaster for the population.

Climate change has caused unusually heavy rains, which, in turn, causes locust populations to explode. These swarms can can contain billions of the pests, which blanket hundreds of square miles.

The billion-member locust army strips crops clean, and the only real way to get rid of them is with the aerial spraying of pesticides. However, spraying devastates other insects, and it’s hard to keep up with locusts, as they are fast-moving and unpredictable.

For now, Gurgaon residents are just waiting for the locust storm to pass and getting it all on camera for us to enjoy or scream in horror at.

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