A Teen Beauty Pageant Contestant Looks Exactly Like Regina George and the Internet Went Crazy

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Ok, here’s something you need to see right away.

This is not Regina George:

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She is actually first runner up for Miss Teen Namibia 2018.

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The internet, however, is pretty sure she is Queen Bee and leader of the Plastics, Mean Girls’ Regina George.

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@Lord_Kartel has a point about Mean Girl Regina George, as played by Rachel McAdams, not being African. However, teen beauty Clarisse Muller is, in fact, Namibian.

Annnnnd the joke you all knew was coming….

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Up to 100,000 Namibian citizens of European descent live mostly in the cities of central and southern Namibia. Windhoek, where Muller is from, is home to the largest white population in the country. Many of Namibian Whites trace their roots to Germany, Portugal and England.

But back to the Twitter war over not-Regina George. The debate raged so hard, the website for Afterbreak Magazine, which originally tweeted Muller’s picture, experienced technical difficulties.

“Due to the attention and engagement we have received on Twitter leading us to thousands of hit on our website, it has crashed. We are resolving this issue as quickly as we can. Thanks you for your patience.”

But you must admit, the resemblance between Muller and the mean character of Regina George from the blockbuster movie is undeniable.

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Muller described how she felt about the comparison to BuzzFeed News, saying, “At first I thought it was weird, but I soon got used to it and it’s actually fun.” She also assured everyone there are only “some small similarities.”

However, others are still convinced they are the same people.

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Photo Credit: Twitter

If only all this had happened on October 3. So close!