A Toilet Designed to Limit Worker Bathroom Breaks Might Be the Most Evil Office Invention of All Time


Man…this is pretty rough.

We all have those really long, seemingly endless days at work where we’ll do anything to get away for a few extra minutes. You know, the ones where you pray that the clock hits five as soon as possible. And sometimes that means spending a few extra minutes in the bathroom, contemplating life and checking all our social media.

Well, one company in the UK is looking to curb the breaks when you spend an extra few minutes (or 30) sitting on the john. To do so, they’ve invented the StandardToilet. It is a very real thing, and it is, in all honesty, evil.

Capitalism at its finest.

The toilet has a tilted design that is meant to make people very uncomfortable while sitting on it;  the hope is that workers will not spend as much time in the bathroom during business hours because of the toilet is a literal pain in the ass. Isn’t that nice?!?!

The StandardToilet has been approved by the British Toilet Association (sounds like a fun place to work), and it works by tilting downwards at a 13-degree angle. Apparently, that strains your legs and feels like an extended squat. The founder of StandardToilet, Mahabir Gill, said, “Anything higher than that would cause wider problems. Thirteen degrees is not too inconvenient, but you’d soon want to get off the seat quite quickly.” Thank you for that!

Gill worked as a consulting engineer for 40 years and became annoyed when he would discover workers asleep on toilets or encounter long lines for the bathroom while working. So the idea for the StandardToilet was born. Gill says, “Its main benefit is to the employers, not the employees. It saves the employer money.”


Isn’t capitalism the best?!?! Let’s hope and pray that this invention doesn’t make it to this side of the pond anytime soon. I know you need to catch up on your Netflix shows during your work breaks…