A Trucker Burst into Tears After Reuniting with His Lost Cat After Months of Searching on the Road

©Facebook,Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester

There’s nothing quite like the love between a pet and its owner, is there? A truck driver named Matthew certainly feels this way, and he was devastated when his cat, Ashes, who was his traveling companion on the road, got out of his truck and disappeared when Matthew was in Ohio in July.

Matthew searched frantically for Ashes but couldn’t find his beloved friend anywhere. Devastated, Matthew had to get back on the road and continue his job.  For the next two months, Matthew rearranged his driving routes so he would pass through the same part of Ohio where Ashes got loose, but still, he had no luck.

Finally, a woman named Kimberly who was on a cross-country road trip spotted an obviously lost cat trying to get a stranger’s attention because it was only 13 degrees outside at an Ohio truck stop. Kimberly got the kitty into her car and took him to a place where she lived in New York called the Lollypop Farm.

The staff at Lollypop Farm checked for a microchip and realized that they had Ashes, a cat that was nearly 1,500 miles from his registered address in Texas. The organization got in touch with Matthew, who said he was shocked and had been thinking about Ashes every day. Matthew drove his 18-wheeler to Fairport, New York, near Rochester, to pick up Ashes – and let’s just say the reunion was emotional.

Cats sure are resilient, aren’t they? Thanks to a Good Samaritan, Ashes is right back where he belongs on the open road with his owner.

Matthew said, “It’s my Christmas miracle.”