Beards Will Keep You Healthy and Handsome, According to Science

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Hipsters are gonna be reeeeealllllllyyyy happy about this news. According to a study from researchers at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, men who have thick, rugged beards receive benefits that make them healthier and more handsome.

Photo Credit: Pexels

In what must have been a very strange sight, the researchers left mannequins in the harsh Australian outback and studied the results. Some of the mannequins had beards and some were bare-faced. The study found that the beards blocked 90 to 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays on the mannequins from the blazing sun. This help beards reduce the risk of skin cancer in the skin they cover.

But don’t think you can just get by with a little stubble. One of the researchers said,

“Facial hair has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of anywhere from 2 to 21. The percentage of UV blocked to the skin depends on the thickness and angle of the sun…Provided the beard is of reasonable thickness, I do not think there is a need to slather sunscreen over the beard due to the protection it provides. It has to be a thick bushy beard and not just stubble.”

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Having a large beard also protects the face from irritants and can keep the face youthful by retaining moisture and blocking harsh wind.

Bottom line: embrace that beard of yours if you have one! It’s good for you!

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