Add These 6 Logic Riddles to Your Morning Routine

Image Credit: Pixabay

Nothing gets your day going like a cup of coffee, some Wheaties, and a little workout for your brain, right? If you agree, then there’s no harm in sprinkling these 6 riddles on your cereal!

#6. What’s with today, today?

#5. Susie’s age

#4. Men, women, and children

#3. Everyone is staring

#2. All the pretty ribbon

#1. 100 students

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#6. If the day after tomorrow is three days before Wednesday, what day is today?

#5. The day before yesterday Susie was 17. Next year, she will be 20. How can this be?

#4. 20 men, women and children earn 20 coins. Each man earns 3 coins, each woman 1.5 coins and each child 0.5 coin. How many men, women and children are there?

#3. A book slipped from a man’s hands and fell on the floor with a loud noise. 20 eyes looked at him. How many people were in the library?

#2. We have a 100 foot piece of ribbon. It takes 1 second to cut a 1 foot strip. How long would it take to cut the entire ribbon into 1 foot strips?

#1. 100 students entered college. 55 of them chose music. 44 of them chose sports. 20 of them chose both. How many of them chose neither music nor sports?

Thanks for playing along today!