Adorable Fox Babies Play at Redditor’s Grandma’s House

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Reddit user recently posted adorable pictures of baby foxes playing on his grandmother’s porch. The babies live in the nearby woods, and one of them got curious enough to explore the porch.

A baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmother’s house
byu/Vechrotex inaww

The owner of the home, Redditor Vechrotex’s grandmother, took a picture of the furry little tyke and send it to her grandson. He posted it to Reddit and got a whole bunch of comments on how rare it was to see a pup up close and how cute it was. Foxes are usually shy, but this one seems to be an exception because the next day it returned.

The little baby fox from yesterday came back!
byu/Vechrotex inaww

Redditors loved seeing the pictures grandma took for Vechrotex to post. Several commented how dog-like the pup was. Foxes are distantly related to dogs, and, according to National Geographic, they can thrive in many types of habitats, even close to humans.

They are resourceful, intelligent animals, living on small rodents, birds and even scraps from gardens and garbage cans. They generally live solitary lives, but pups are cared for by both parents until they can survive on their own.

Now, though, it’s playtime! The pup returned to grandma’s porch with a sibling.

Update: The baby fox at my grandmother’s house has a friend and they are chasing each other
byu/Vechrotex inaww

Vechrotex explained in the comments that the mother is also a frequent visitor to the porch. And she always seems to keep a watchful eye over her little ones as they play.

Another update to the baby foxes: his friend caught his tail!
byu/Vechrotex inaww

After they have worn themselves out at grandma’s, mother takes them back home. Which is quite human-like, really.

It’s images like these that bring peace about Internet-land. Enjoy.