Dad Text Messaged His Daughter For Fashion Advice For His Date And Their Conversation Went Viral

Image Credit: Twitter

There’s not much sweeter than dads and their daughters who have excellent, close relationships. So when this young lady shared a text conversation in which her father was asking for advice on his first date wardrobe, well, the internet just collectively swooned.

He sent her several different options (I have similar exchanges with my mother all the time, but instead of dates, she stressing over wedding or church wear).

Image Credit: Twitter

The white?

Image Credit: Twitter

The blue?

Tucked in or not? So many choices!

Image Credit: Twitter

Sadly, even though he obviously looked darn good, Dad got stood up (by a horrible lady who is going to regret her choices sooner or later).

People on Twitter were invested, and angry on his behalf.

Some of them are even hoping to hook him up with their single mamas!

Stay tuned for more updates (please, let there be more updates!).