Toddler Draws on Neighbor’s Car, the Situation Turns Delightfully Wholesome

Photo Credit: Imgur

When bad things happen, we try to suck it up and get back on track. But when others pitch in to help and even turn the crappy luck around? It makes us glad the bad thing even happened because our faith in humanity gets restored.

Can I get an amen?

Here’s an awesome example that shows exactly what I mean.

Part One: The Bad Thing Happens

Toddlers are toddlers and they love to draw. Sometimes on paper. Sometimes on the neighbors car.

Such a wholesome turn of events!

Part Two: Then a Friendly Turn of Events

The poster said they’d already talked to the tot’s parents who apologized and offered to pay for all the damages. The owner of the car turned to social media looking for recommendations for someone who could do the repair.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part Three: A Body Shop Offered to Do the Work Free of Charge

The kind gesture did not go unnoticed.

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Part Four: Turns Out Being a Good Sport in a Bad Situation Leads to Other Good Things

A car wash and detail shop offered to clean the car for free after the body work was done.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part Five: The Poster Was So Happy

Now the car would get its own spa day.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part Six: The Body Shop Removed the “Artwork”

The side of the car looked good as new.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part Seven: And the Car Wash Did Some Magic Too

Because the body shop threw in a wash and wax, the car wash concentrated on the interior and made it sparkle too.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Isn’t it nice when keeping a sense of humor pays off? The poster acted neighborly about the kiddo just being a kid. The parents offered to pay for the damage. The body shop said they’d do the repairs for free. Then the poster gets a free car detail to boot!

And that’s where remaining positive when life gives you lemons will get you.