Always Running Late? Here Are 8 Ways to Be on Time.

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If you’re someone who is chronically late, then you may only vaguely know how much you’re annoying your friends, family, co-workers and bosses.

Sometimes lateness is truly out of your control, but when it starts to be a habit, it’s clear you need some strategies.

Scroll through this list of 8 tools that will get you on the road and showing up on time.

1. Never explain why you’re late.

Only apologize for the trouble your lateness caused. Soon, you’ll begin to see how many excuses you were throwing out for your constant tardiness, which can make you more aware.

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2. Think about how someone constantly being late affects you.

Late people are irritating, and that’s how people see you.

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3. Give yourself the grace of being somewhere first by at least 5 minutes.

That few minutes is a gift to give yourself. Check your email or social media on your phone with your newfound free time – or just get yourself ready for whatever it is you need to do.

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4. Wake up an hour early and get a jump on your morning routine.

You’ll get to work on time and you’ll have already crossed off a few things on your to do list.

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5. Set different named alarms to prompt you through your morning routine.

That way, you’re not lingering over your breakfast or in the shower longer than you wanted.

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6. Use music to get out the door on time.

Make a playlist with a song for stretching, a few songs for breakfast, some for showering and dressing and then a final energetic tune to get you on the road.

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7. Add a few minutes to travel time to account for last minute searches for keys, sunglasses or your other shoe.

You’ll be grateful too for a few extra minutes to find a parking spot or wait for the train.

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8. Pack your stuff up in the evening and have it ready by the door.

If you have everything ready to go the night before, then you won’t waste precious minutes searching for it.

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All of these steps are totally easy. Incorporate some of them and you’ll find life a little less hectic and a lot more productive.