This Amazing Dad’s Defense of His Autistic Son Went Viral…and for Good Reason

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Being a parent of a child with autism is a challenge that most of us will never truly understand – but Shane Stephenson does. His 6-year-old son Reilly is autistic and nonverbal.

As you probably remember, there’s nothing more exciting to a 6-year-old than a birthday party. Which is why Reilly’s father Shane was heartbroken when his son wasn’t invited to any of the birthday parties his ‘friends’ hosted for their kids.

Shane decided he couldn’t remain silent about the situation any longer, so he sent a text to his fellow parents through a group chat expressing his feelings.

Shane’s wife shared the moving text on Twitter:

The tweet quickly went viral, and people voiced their support for Shane and Reilly.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Dead_Suzi

Photo Credit: Twitter, anj102

We need more parents like Shane to speak up. Kids with autism should not ostracized – they should be doing what all 6-year-olds are supposed to be doing. Having fun with their friends.

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