Amazing Reviews of Different Ant Emojis, from a Trained Entomologist

Image Credit: Facebook

Emojis are obviously all the rage (even though, if you ask me, the jury is still out on the whole memoji thing), but have you ever stopped to wonder how correct the little figures of insects, plants, and animals really are?

And I mean really correct, not just recognizable.

I bet you haven’t, but entomologist @curliecuecal did – and s/he had some thoughts on pretty much every ant emoji you can find.

Thanks to him/her, we can all now recognize a true-to-life ant – and the cutest version of it – in our emoji options.


Google & Microsoft

Samsung & Whatsapp

Twitter & Facebook

EmojiOne & Emojidex

Messenger & LG

HTC & Mozilla

And, to wind it up, this little tidbit.

I’ve never found ants cute or interesting before, but he’s changing my views!

Which one is your favorite, now that you’ve got all of the expert information?