American Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures out of Recycled Materials

©Instagram, brianmockart

Most people walk past old forks, scraps, and screws without a second thought, but Brian Mock sees things differently. He’s an artist who finds discarded objects and turns them into art.

He’s been drawing, woodcarving, and painting since he was young. Then, in the 90s, Mock began upcycling various metal objects for his art, and he now uses metal scraps as his main medium.

He turns them into some pretty cool sculptures – and I for one would love to own or see IRL.

10. This Amazing Turtle

Look at it go!


9. True Friendship Personified

How touching!


8. Metal Cat Lady

A perfect display of relaxation.


7. A Graceful Lion

Turns out scrap nails are quite useful.


6. Modern Multitasker

A commentary on our times.


5. An Awesome Guitar

You could almost play it.


4. An Antique Sewing Machine

It would be tempting to try to repair seams on this.


3. This Beautiful Being

Brian Mock really is a master craftsman.


2. This Life-Like Octopus

Watch out for the ink.


1. And This Profile

It looks quite life-like and absolutely gorgeous.


Mock’s work is a reminder to stop and take stock before you throw something away. Maybe there’s another way you can use it?

Check out his website or Instagram for more pieces.

What do you think of Brian Mock’s work? Would you want one of his works for your home?