This Amputee Wrote the Best Tinder Bio of All Time


Lauren is just like millions of young women and men across the country trying to find love on Tinder. But one glance at Lauren, and you’ll notice that there’s something different about her.

Lauren is missing her right arm, the result of a moped accident.

When she created her Tinder profile, Lauren decided to poke fun at herself, and people online immediately loved it.

Photo Credit: Twitter, MEMESG0D

“Arms dealer.” Classic. Lauren’s profile went viral, and more folks weighed in on her sense of humor.

Photo Credit: Twitter, fossil_shark

Lauren found out about her newfound Internet fame, and weighed in with what is now her trademark wit.

She admits it took her a while to accept that her limb had been amputated, but Lauren said jokes made her feel better about her situation.

If I lived in Lauren’s radius, I’d definitely be swiping right.

Photo Credit: Twitter, duckusername

h/t: Distractify

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