How to Amuse Adults: A Theme Park for Wine

Photo Credit: pexels.com

Photo Credit: pexels.com

As a history lover, I have studied France and French culture at different points during my long and winding educational career. The thing I always say, across the board (with great affection for the French people), is that France has so much passion. Which means that, sometimes, they take a good thing just one step too far.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Revolution? Oui! Vive la France! Chopping the heads off half the population? …maybe slow down? Have a drink? This time, however, the French have gone too far…in the best way possible.

Disney might make dreams come true for the under 21 crowd, but move over Walt, because there’s a new game in town for grownups.

Wine lovers across the globe have long been secure in their belief that France has the market on excellent wine. Now, they also have the market on the coolest place to enjoy it – a Wine Amusement Park.

Situated in the Bordeaux region, La Cite du Vin (The City of Wine) will feature wine tasting, learning about and purchasing wine, and of course, rides. Not the sort that will make you yak that gorgeous Gamay all over your shoes, either – more like a simulated boat journey that takes its passengers on a merchant’s galley around the world.

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If you love geeking out over wine, traveling, and a little bit of fun thrown into the mix, it might be time to book that ticket to France. La Cite du Vin opened on June 1, 2016, and tickets for tastings, exhibits, and even a wine museum, cost only $20.

You only have to get there. Vive la France! Am I right?